I should bust a move

by Vander

I think it’s time I write a very first informative post, considering the fact that I’ve been plotting this for the past few months, and as you can imagine, I’m not particularly deadline or fact orientated. The thing that the WordPress pages for starters don’t tell you is perhaps the most important. You can have all the layouts, colors, widgets and features, but a blog isn’t a blog without substance, content and direction. And that means you have to write, not just imagine that you are. So I’ve taken the crucial step and hit ‘New Post’.

My goal is simple. To get fulfillment by creating something other people enjoy and get some much needed peace of mind. I won’t ramble aimlessly about my life or the problems I’m facing. I’ll have enough time to reflect on that when I’m in my 80’s. This isn’t a memoir, and treating it such, I’ve chosen to remain anonymous. You may never know what my favorite food was when I was 8, what I look like or what I like doing on gloomy Sundays, and really, it doesn’t matter anyway. Anonymity means mystery. Mystery means I can be whoever I want to be.

I find it a much more entertaining keeping to the proverbial darkness of the lit world than being exposed in the limelight and having to reply to all 12 comments on how amazing it is that I spent my weekend rafting, or that my new shirt makes me look great. What makes this somewhat amusing is my sense of humor, or lack thereof. I’m inclined to fatalistic tendencies, secretiveness and stupidity anyway.

As for who I am, I’d like to keep this loop open. If you’ve come across this after reading anything else around here, or by contrary, this is the first thing you’ve read, I’d like to know who do you think I am in the comment section below.