T is for Then you probably won’t like this

by Vander

I actually watched Midnight in Paris, and inexplicably, the audience was made out of teenage boys who were not amused. I hate Woody Allen, Owen Wilson was achingly wrong for it, and the movie was daft, but it did get me thinking about my love of the 90’s.

Technically, it’s a decade like all others, but we had N’sync, brit-pop and soda that came in pyramid cartons. Incontestably the best cartoons, and the fashion was a step up from the 80’s, although half of women over the age of 50 in my country still sport a perm and a la Scully suits 20 years later. Independent movies were better, cola was awesome, Shakira had black hair. It was a decade like all others.

It’s true that nobody is pleased with the time in which they live and look to the past for comfort and to the future for hope. They probably won’t find anything but delusions. On the other hand, daydreaming is amazing. For this week’s music bite, Travis stuck me as perfect, because they just are.

Brit-pop is my kryptonite. Ode to J. Smith, the band’s latest album is admittedly a bit like Paradontax toothpaste: good for you, but it has an acquired taste.  They say it’s a bit like a concept album, and that the twelve tracks are like the chapters of a novel, though, Constant Readers, have you noticed how awkward it is when writers try to explain music? It never quite works right.

The other way around is a bit smoother.

In conclusion, I give it 18/21 thumbs up. I say Ode to J. Smith could have been ordinary tracks you hear on the radio and forget about within 30 seconds. Except the fact that they’re eerie. I like eerie music that could have come from a not so distant past.

Broken mirror steal my reflection

Tell me what you see

A hundred shattered eyes in the looking glass

Staring back at me.